Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Wow, it's been a long time!!  But here I am!  It was a busy summer.  We had a wonderful trip home (to Canada) to visit our family.  It was so nice to see everyone.  And I got to spend some time with my favorite person in the entire sweet Nana.  

My Nana lived with my family when I was growing up and she helped raise me.  To this day, she calls me her little doll.  We've always been very close.

What else?  Well, I mentioned this briefly before - but in May I had a dream come true!  Rejean (my husband) took me to Walt Disney World.  I'll be honest and say that we only lasted there about three hours.  It was HOT and we got lost more than a few times.  But it was still very special.  I got a Mickey ice cream which cost a gazillion dollars (well almost! LOL ) and tried on a few silly hats just for fun.

And we managed to get our picture taken with two of the CUTEST critters!

And guess what?  I've been working on something colorful, fun and NEW!  Want a sneak peek?

Bright colors just make me happy.  I bought the latest Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge called Artbooking.  It has TONS of wonderful images on it, including this overlay. (more details when my project is finished).

I also found some really great new products that I'll be using.   In fact, today I did a little shopping.  Paper was on sale, and so I came home with these two pretty patterns.  Aren't they adorable?  I love the rainbows and already have plans for both!

Okay, this is getting long so I'll be back again very, very soon.  In the meantime,  I'd love to hear your thoughts about Project Life. I'm really tempted to try it, but am not sure if I'll like it as much as the traditional style of scrapbooking.  Convince me! :)

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