Friday, February 15, 2013

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Ours was pretty quiet.  I told Rejean I did not want a big deal made about it (especially since both his and my birthday are within the next few weeks).  But, he did come home from work with this.  

Isn't it pretty?  I'd never had a cookie cake before.  It's so yummy!!  I might have to start dropping hints now if I want another for my birthday. :)

Last weekend, the kiddies in my Sunday School class made some fun little projects.  I found the CUTEST idea on Pinterest (don't you just love that place?  I sure do!).  Anyway, a bouquet of flowers.  But, instead of actual flowers in the clay pot, you put suckers!  

I painted the clay pots - one pink for the girls and one blue for the boys.  I also bought some styrofoam for inside and a HUGE bag of Dum Dum Pops.  I showed them the picture so they knew the general idea.  Then, I  let them create their own masterpiece.

This is what they came up with:

I think the boys ate more of the suckers than they actually put in their pot.  But that's okay.  They had a ball and that's the main thing!

They also used their "Be(e) a blessing stickers to decorate.  Each Sunday, we have a time where each child can share how he/she was kind to another person during the week.  And if they were, they get a little bee sticker.  They love it - and I love that it encourages them to serve others.

And finally, we made some Valentine cards.   The children are in grades 2 and 3 and we only had an hour to get everything finished, so I keep the design pretty simple.  But the patterned papers were double sided, so that allowed them to "customize" each of their cards a bit.

The frog is from the Create a Critter 2 cartridge and the stamp is from My Pink Stamper.

And one confession before I go...I've officially jumped onto the Washi Tape bandwagon.

Aren't they fun?! I have a bit of a cloud obsession right now, those are my favorite.  Can't wait to play with them!  So, look for some projects soon featuring these pretties! :) 

Have a fabulous weekend!! xo

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Missy said...

Great to see you Shelley!! Love your Sunday School projects. Yes PLEASE post some washi tape projects--I love the stuff, but I can't seem to figure out how to work it in to my projects!! I need some inspiration!!! :)

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