Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A great tip!

The other day while working on a project, I decided to use this paper that I *love* but because it had glitter that comes off, my adhesive would not stick.  In fact, I tried several adhesives...all with no luck. Even my ATG was no match. 

Not wanting to throw out my pretty paper, I thought there HAS to be a solution.  And then it came to me...I wonder what would happen  if I put a thin coat of Mod Podge over it?  And so, using just a cheap foam brush, I put some all over my sheet of paper. 

As you can see from the picture, the Mod Podge is white when you first apply it - but it dries clear. 

I'm happy to report that IT WORKED!  The glitter is a bit more understated than it once was.  But, now it also has the most beautiful sheen to the paper as well.   (I'm sorry - I tried but I couldn't quite capture it on camera).   But it does work.  So if you have papers where the glitter keeps falling off, this might be worth a try.  I used the gloss finish and LOVE the results!


Smiley21 said...

great tip! thanks for sharing this.


. said...

Thanks for the great tip!

meredemaison said...

Awesome tip! I love when others share solutions to obnoxious problems (I hate how the glitter papers shed - I'll have to try your simple fix!)
Thanks so much!!!!

TheIrishScrapper said...

Great tip - thanks for sharing! After a while the paper that puts glitter everywhere gets a bit annoying so now I know how to fix that! Shannon

scrappinC said...

Wonderful tip. I have been wondering what to do with paper that no adhesive will stick too.
Cindy Lou

just2ducky said...

Yes. Modge is a go to adhesive at times like this. Great tip. TFS.

The Bookin Room said...

TFS! I STILL have yet to get that, but it's on my list!
xoxo Charity

Lisa said...

HA! This is a problem I have been forever trying to solve! And wouldn't you know it...my Mod Podge is sitting right here on my desk...staring at me... Take care!


julesfink said...

wow!! great tip! thanks!

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