Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick tip

Ranger's Stickles glitter glue come in a whole array of beautiful colors.  But my personal favorite is "crystal". Because it is clear, it will take on the color of whatever you put it on....adding just a beautiful glittery effect.  This not only will save you time in trying to find the perfect color to match your will also save you some money!

Or if you're like me, and have a bit of a Stickles addiction...keep a couple of "crystal" in your stash too - just in case you run out of one particular color. :)


The Bookin Room said...

Where do you get most of your stickles? I won some from The Purple Muse and now I'm addicted. They are expensive online tho. Any tips?

ShelleyinGA said...

I get mine from our local scrapbook store. Some of the bigger craft stores carry packs, but I like to choose individual colors (rather than having to buy sets of three).

Candy said...

Great tip. Right now I am loving diamond stickles. I am definatley addicted. I just signed up for GGA! (Glitter Glue Anonymous) LOL
Take care and thanks for sharing.

Shawnee said...

Thanks for the great tip! I love my Stickles.

Crafty Starkie said...

Congrats on being on the pink design team! Yay! Your projects are awesome! I love the flowers on your blog!

June Houck said...

TFS! I will have to look for these Crystal stickles.

I am excited to be designing with you at MPS!

TX Scrapper Mom said...

Great tip! I have one in each color, but definitely have ALOT of crystal as well! :)

Looking forward to working with you on the MPS Design Team!

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