Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for a great paper trimmer?

Over the years, I have tried countless paper trimmers and each and every one of them either did not cut straight, or ended up tearing my paper (even after replacing the blade).  My latest purchase was a pink Cutterpede and although I haven't had any major issues with it, I've noticed it is hard for me to push down on the blade while trying to cut.

A few people have asked me which trimmer I like, and since I have been looking for a new one, I decided to do a little research online.  I managed to find one that seemed to get alot of great reviews.  It's called the Fiskars Premium Portable Paper Trimmer and it looks like this...

Last weekend, I happened to be at Hobby Lobby with some friends.  And to my surprise, not only were paper trimmers on sale for 40% off, they had this very one in stock!!  (Don't you just love it when things come together like that? :-)  So, I decided to buy it and test it out. (The regular price is $29.99).  The result?  I love it so much, I may name it! LOL

A few things I love about it:

First, it cuts straight! The blade is one that you simply run along your paper.  No need to apply pressure.  It also  has a fold out arm that measures up to 15 1/4" inches.  There  a line indicator which will show you exactly where you are cutting- and also a measuring grid that will be very useful for cardmakers. 

And one of my most favorite features of this has a safety locking mechanism that will hold the blade/cutting arm in place.  So, if you like to attend crops (which I love to do!), then you do not have to worry about cutting yourself when pulling your trimmer out of your bag.  

Two thumbs up for a great product!  If you're looking for a new portable trimmer, this is one I highly recommend!

Have a great day! :-)


Cntrycricut said...

Thanx so much for taking the time to post this info!! I have been debating which one to buy myself!! Problem solved!! :) Jennifer (

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have bought 3 different cutters, varying prices, but don't "love" any of them. It sounds like this one has some good features.
I am glad that all these crafting companies are starting to listen to the consumer and give us the tools that we want.

Thanks for the inspiration,
Cindy :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've had a couple of other Fiskars trimmers, and they always cut crooked (though the one I have now is better than the first one I had). I've always been reluctant to invest in another one because of this. It's great to know that this one cuts straight. Thanks for the info! :o)


flowerdisco said...

ditto the above.

Kim said...

I have the older version of the fiskars paper cutter and I love it too! I did just get the Cricut paper cutter with purchase I had made and it also cuts Great! it actually holds your paper in place to so it doesn't shift!

Linda said...

OMG!! I am sooo glad you post this!! I just put up a post a couple weeks ago looking for a good trimmer!! I'm going to pass this along to my followers now!! Thank you! :)


Maria said...

I too have used every trimmer on the market...always looking for the "one". I started using this one about a year ago and LOVE it! My only one complaint...the blade dulls pretty fast, but it cuts STRAIGHT and that in itself is good enough for me :)
Good Choice Shelley!

Ginger Sanches said...

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