Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disney Trip 2010

After posting my Mickey & Minnie pages, it occurred to me that I never did share my Disney trip photos with all of you.  So, I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Twenty years ago, my friend Katie and I went on a grad trip to Orlando.  Katie had been back to Disney many times over the years, but last summer, we went back together.  I guess what they say is're never too old for Disney, because it was sooo much fun.  And visiting the characters was probably the best part for me (as you will see on my face). LOL

So here I all my silliness!  Katie didn't like having her picture taken (although she humoured me and got in several shots).  But because she is one of my dearest friends (and I'd like to keep it that way) I won't share the pictures with her in them.  ;-)

There was one thing I wanted to buy FOR SURE while I was there.  A pair of Minnie ears.  When I found some with lots of bling, I was in love!  But I had to try them on, just to be sure...

Handy Manny was quite the Don Juan.   I think he actually made me blush a few times. 

Goofy decided to "strike a pose" so I decided to join in!

 But after meeting all the characters, it was Donald that had my heart.  After all, who can resist a man in uniform....and with all that cuddly fur!!  When he asked for a kiss, I just couldn't resist!

Thanks for letting me take this stroll down memory lane with all of you.  I guess you might be seeing some more Disney layouts in the future.  I have lots to scrapbook!

Hope you're all having a great week!  Thanks so much for all the sweet comments you've been leaving.  I read each and every one and appreciate them so much!


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

OMG those minnie ears are too CUTE!!! I have never been to disney (I know shocking) I was an only child and my mom never had the money to take me. One day when me and hubby have kids we'll take them and I'll get to go. Thanks for sharing the pictures :-)
-Sam :-)

Nina said...

Awe super cute. Can't wait to take my girls out there. Thanks for sharing. :-)

missleyden said...

You look just divine in those Minnie ears..hehehe..It looks like you had a great time..thanks for sharing the pics.

Anonymous said...

I love going to Disneyland! I am going with my best friend on Monday. Thanks for sharing your pictures and you are never to old to visit the happiest place on earth! Just found your blog and love it.

Melissa said...

Great photos! I love nothing more than scrapping our Disney trip pics!


Edna said...

What a fun trip and I just loved our visit to Disney that you for sharing

Maria said...

I love your pictures! I told you I'm a Disney freak! Thanks for sharing them :-)

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